Friday, 11 December 2015


  I was thinking of making something like magic using electronics. And the rest is history.

You must have seen Harry Potter movie, in which Harry used to do magic by just  pointing towards the things. And inspired by this, I with the help of my friend made the magical wand name E-wand the Electronic-Wand. Use this wand to turn On and Off the appliances by just pointing towards them. Just like Magic.......

Story behind this is that, I was thinking of a project that feels like magic. Thinking under this topic I came with an idea of making a wand just like that we see in animation movies or like one the magicians have inside the wand will be electronics part like a sensor which will provide the coordinates,a micro-controller which will control all the functions and a RF section which will communicate with other devices.

I discussed this idea with my friend Akshay, he suggested me using Smart phone and its inbuilt sensor instead of that wand because making the controller,sensor and RF module to get fit inside the thin wand would be quite difficult and complicated. So we went through research that how we can access our Smart phone's sensor for our use. We cam across an app named SENSODUINO through which we can send the data of our inbuilt sensors to the controller via Bluetooth. This is all we wanted at the transmitter part. On the receiver part i.e. appliances , we have connected a controller, Bluetooth module and a relay module. After doing simple programming our so called E-wand was ready for doing magic.




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